One Fighting Championship is looking to fill a spot after Welterweight Champ, Ben Askren, vacated his title with a move to the UFC. With after only one fight at One FC, Tyler McGuire has caught the eye of the organization. McGuire will have the biggest fight of his career to date as he takes on Zebatian Kadestam on Saturday’s One FC : Warrior’s Dream.

Tyler McGuire signed his first contract with One Championship last May and proved he belonged amongst the top fighters at One FC. And As One FC brought Mcguire up from the local scene, they didn’t usher him in with an easy fight into the organization. In McGuire’s first fight with One FC, he faced a tough veteran with over 70 fights under his belt. Luis Santos, 65-11, was a true test for Tyler McGuire. Tyler never backed down from Santos, pushing the pace the entire fight. McGuire ultimately won the exchange, staying undefeated, and getting the decision win.

When I found out I was Fighting Santos, this was one of the top guys in the roster, they were probably seeing if I was ready for a Title shot. Because they picked that fight right off the bat and seeing where I was at.

Tyler McGuire’s next opponent, Zebatian Kadestam, is a tough standup fighter. Fighting out of Pancrase MMA Gym located in Sweden, Zebatian currently sits with a 10-4 record. Out of Zebatian’s 10 wins, eight of those finishes were by KO or TKO. Zebatian will surely be looking to add another KO to his record against McGuire.

McGuire says he isn’t afraid to keep the fight standing up. Even with over half of his wins coming from submission, Tyler McGuire says people only see half the picture. As we saw when he fought Santos at his One FC debut, Tyler isn’t afraid to keep the pressure on. One of the things he mentioned about his gym, Sikjitsu, is there are no easy days. Everyday you put in 100%.

Most people don’t know this, but People underestimate my Standup game. We train hard everyday at the gym, no easy days. I’ll follow the fight wherever it goes, whether it stays up or goes down onto the ground.

Tyler looks to be coming into One FC at a big time with lots going on within the promotion. The spotlight turned on One FC with a first of it’s kind trade that brought in “Mighty Mouse” Demetrious Johnson. Then there was the announcement of Eddie Alvarez signing with One FC instead of re-signing back to the UFC. Tyler thinks One Championship is a great fit for him. Not having to dramatize his character like Conor McGregor or a Colby Covington, to get a Title shot.

I like what One represents. I haven’t had to pull a Colby Covington, you just shut up and fight. And now, here I am.

Once the cage closes this Saturday, everyone will get to see the amount of work Tyler McGuire has put into this camp to face Zebatian Kadestam. All the sweat and blood that has lead up to this point, and watch it play out. We’ll get to see if Tyler Mcguire can bring Sikjitsu’s first World Title back home to Washington.

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