Pulling into the HUB Sports Center in Liberty Lake Washington on March 1st, I could already tell that the Proving Grounds Live Amateur MMA Event presented by Warrior Camp was going to be AMAZING!  The parking lot was PACKED!



I have been to several of the Proving Grounds events and each one seems to get better and better! Everything is extremely professional from the way that tickets are done, to the seating, to the fighters, to the marketing, to the always exciting ring announcer Mike Smith, and to the National Anthem sang by the amazing Cary Ross.

The event is put on by the awesome trio of Pablo and Rose Alfonso and Joel Thomas.  Check out the Facebook pages for Warrior Camp CDA and Warrior Camp Spokane!  In talking with that trio, there are plans to make their events even better!  If you haven’t been to a Proving Grounds MMA event yet, you are missing out!  You can’t beat the ticket prices of only $20, $30 if you want VIP seating, but I can tell you this, there isn’t a bad seat in the entire venue!

The fights on March 1st were action packed from the 1st fight of the night to the main event with only 2 of the 12 fights going to the judges! What!? Are you kidding me!  Every fighter stepping into the cage on the night left it out there and are pure warriors!

The only ladies fight of the night featured Rachel Holman VS Jennalee Gould and they did not disappoint! There were LOTs of Fight of the Night contenders, but for me, this fight won Fight Of The Night!  Back and forth battle with a ton of heavy hits landing for both ladies, but Jennalee Gould got the win via Decision.

The Co-Main Event of the night was a Kickboxing match between Dakota Numbers and Adam Collins and these dudes were throwing hands and landing massive shots on each other! This fight also went to decision with Dakota Numbers getting the W via decision.

The Main Event of the night was a title fight between 16 year old Champion, Adrew Kile (who by the way had a pretty good beard for being 16) VS Top Rated MMA Show Alumni Daeri Alderman.  Kile was very tough and fought through 3 accidental groin shots delivered by Alderman.  Most men would have called it quits after the 1st shot!  Both men won exchanges throughout the fight, but Kile was not able to continue after throwing up between rounds 4 and 5.  That dude needed some ice pack action for sure! Alderman became the new Champion on the night and showed a ton of respect for Kile after the fight.  I am excited to see more fights by both of these guys, they are both warriors!

Official Proving Grounds Live Action Amateur MMA Results:

Main Event – Daeri Alderman wins between 4th and 5th round after Andrew Kile threw up in the bucket.

Co-Main Event – Dakota Numbers defeats Adam Collins via Decision in a Kickboxing Match

Jennalee Gould defeats Rachel Holman via Decision

Derek Thompson defeats Johnie Burlington via TKO in the 1st round

Roman Ramanavets defeats Anthony Kline via Submission in the 2nd round

Jonathan Kendrick defeats Brian Wilson via TKO in the 1st round

Francisco Flores defeats Chris Schmidt via Submission in the 1st round

David Workinger defeats Corbin Hill via KO in the 1st round

Sidney Dashevsky defeats Dakota James via RNC in the 1st round

Randy Holden defeats Bryan McConville via KO in the 1st round

Dana Leverance defeats Ryker Marchand via TKO in the 2nd round

Zack Zigona defeats Corbin Mathany via Submission in the 1st round

Angel Camose defeats Mateo Mora via KO in the 2nd round

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