Each time I am blessed enough to attend and do LIVE results for Proving Grounds presented by Warrior Camp CDA and Warrior Camp Gym, I see nothing but extreme professionalism from the Proving Grounds and Warrior Camp staff.  Pablo and Rose Alfonso (Thank You) really do put on an AMAZING show!  If you get a chance to go to their next event (8/23/19), I HIGHLY recommend you get your ticket early.  The fights last night got to Standing Room Only! 

I arrived at The Hub at Liberty Lake around 5pm to get set up and prepare for the night of upcoming battles!  The fight card as usual had great match-ups including 3 Championship bouts scheduled for the night! As the fighters started to show up, you could see their excitement and focus thinking about their upcoming fights.  

I love connecting with meeting the fighters and fight camps who put on a show for the crowd just to build their record and gain experience in the cage.  The fighters, win, lose, or draw have all the respect in the world from me.  The fighters on the night’s event come from several different gyms, with 823 MMA, Iron Man Gym, Sacred Scars, Warrior Camp, Spokane Valley Bjj, Chewelah Jiu Jitsu, and Execution gym all being represented.  

Michael Smith the ring announcer is always amazing in the cage throughout the night, hyping up the crowd by jumping on top of the cage.  Cary Ross as usually just puts everyone in “awe” with his incredible voice while singing the National Anthem.  The referees on the night were Randy Silva, Mark Coates, and John Goldsmith.  These 3 refs are truly some of the best refs in the NW and though some fighters may not agree with a stoppage, the refs are there to protect the fighters.  One of the BEST Photographers in the world Katie Hartwig was in the house snapping another round of highlight reel photos! It was so great to Nancy from Women of Combat in the house!  They are such a great company, please make sure you go check them out!  2x Ultimate Fighter Winner coach Rick Little and recent Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series fighter Terrance Mckinney were also in attendance. 

Want to give a special shout out to Heavyweight Champion Josh Dehnel & Kris Rancourt from Chewelah Jiu Jitsu, Rose Alfonso, and Randy Silva for supporting Top Rated MMA and picking up some of our hats and shirts!  Thank you! Check out our shop HERE!

Of the 14 fights on the night (yes I said 14 fights), there were 13 finishes and only 5 of those fights made it out of the 1st round! Talk about exciting fights! 

Check out the fight results below:

Fight #14 – Josh Dehnel VS Kevin Sanchez – Heavyweight Title Fight (Winner And Still Champion Josh Dehnel after Sanchez declines to come out for the 3rd round)

Fight #13 – Dalton Waggy VS Alex Prevost – 185lb Title Fight (Winner And New Champion = Alex Prevost via 2nd round Standing Guillotine) 

Fight #12 – Brayden Willams VS Jose Ferreri – 155lb Title Fight (Winner And New Champion = Brayden Williams via Unanimous Decision)

Fight #11 – Jairo Villasenor VS Dakota Numbers – 175lbs (Winner = Jairo Villasenor via 2nd round TKO)

Fight #10 – Kyler Wilkins VS Michael Cyr – 145lbs (Winner = Michael Cyr via 1st round TKO)

Fight #9 – Alex Gamez VS Matt Schmoyer – 145lbs (Winner = Alex Gamez via 1st round TKO)

Fight #8 – Mateo Mora VS Mikey Shaw – 145lbs (Winner = Mikey Shaw via 1st round TKO)

Fight #7 – Chris Bertram VS Scott Miller – Heavyweight (Winner = Chris Bertram via 3rd round TKO)

Fight #6 – Dana Leverence VS Alan Klingeeil – 175lbs (Winner = Dana Leverence via 1st round KO)

Fight #5 – Kyle Scott VS Matthew Morales – 185lbs (Winner = Matthew Morales via 1st round TKO)

Fight #4 – Martin Stanley VS Dougles Swindle – 155lbs (Winner = Martin Stanley via 1st round KO)

Fight #3 – Howard Johnson VS Brandon Spencor – Heavyweight KB (Winner = Brandon Spencor via 1st round TKO)

Fight #2 – Michael Puckett VS Karl Kneedland – 145lbs (Winner = Michael Puckett via 1st round RNC)

Fight #1 – Markus Ramsey VS Stacey Stewart – 145lbs (Winner = Stacey Stewart via 1st round TKO)

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