2/28/2020 – Proving Grounds Amateur Cage Fighting presented by Warrior Camp Gym and Warrior Camp CDA – Hub Sports Center – Liberty Lake, WA

I need to apologize for the delay on this because I had some business travel come up right after this event which ultimately led me to releasing this almost a month after the event.  Some might even ask, “Why even release it now?”. Well the fighters and the folks that put on such a great event deserve to be recognized for all of their hard work. 

Top Rated MMA alongside our sponsor Anglesey Family Chiropractic Dr. Anglesey (Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Valley) were in attendance posting LIVE results on the night at Proving Grounds LIVE Amateur MMA Fights presented by Warrior Camp and Warrior Camp CDA! 

Hub Sports Center in Liberty Lake Washington was the place to be on February 28th!  I mean this place was SOLD OUT! If you haven’t had a chance to get out to Proving Grounds yet, make sure you mark your calendar for April 3rd!  This event included 11 MMA bouts and one Combat Jiu Jitsu match!

Thank you to Pablo and Rose Alfonso from Warrior Camp for putting on such an amazing event for the MMA Community!

Joel Thomas was on the mic for the night and kept the crowd highly entertained with his jumps and cage climbs! 

The refs for the night were my bearded brothers John Goldsmith and Brandon Cool who did an excellent job keeping the fighters safe on the night!

Of course the photographer on the night was the very talented Katie Hartwig! Check out all of the pics from the night HERE

Let’s get right into it as EVERY fight on the night was extremely exciting and entertaining! 

The Main Event on the night was a 5 round 155lb Title fight between two very aggressive and exciting fighters in Issac Smith and Top Rated MMA Show Alumni Jose Ferreri!

Round 1: Both fighters came out aggressive with Ferreri throwing a spinning kick followed by Smith knocking down Ferreri but he was quick to get up.  Ferreri had Smith against the cage landing some great knees, but Smith landed shots of his own which led to him catching Ferreri in a Guillotine choke, but Ferreri slipped out and finished round 1 on top.

Round 2: Ferreri came out aggressive as usual but Smith focused on attacking the gut of Ferreri landing heavy kicks and punches.  Ferreri was able to get a take down and land a few punches of his own, but Smith was able to reverse it and end round 2 on top. Both men looked tired.

Round 3: Smith lands early followed by lots of kicks from Ferreri.  Slight pause as Ferreri took an accidental low blow. After the break, Ferreri was able to get another takedown, but quickly reversed by Smith who stood up.  Great exchanges in this round with both men landing big shots. Ferreri missed a spinning back fist and Smith took advantage of the miss by taking Ferreri down to finish out round 3.  

Round 4: Fererri started the round landing some knees from the clinch and was able to secure a takedown which turned into a few reversals from both men.  The majority of this round was on the ground with good attacks from both men, but again round 4 ends with Smith on top.

Round 5: Ferreri looked tired to start round 5 and Smith was landing very crisp punches followed by exchanges of knees from the clinch.  Ferreri went for a take down but slipped and continued to get the takedown. Though once getting the fight to the ground, Ferreri was deducted a point from ref John Goldsmith after multiple warnings of holding onto the fence with his feet.  Smith was on top for the last half of round 5 landing some very vicious knees to the ribs of Ferri. Both men are truly warriors who gave it their all until the final bell. 

RESULT – Issac Smith wins via Unanimous Decision

Co-Main Event of the night was William Gonser and making his MMA debut was Top Rated MMA Show Alumni Zack Cogrove in a heavyweight battle.  Both of these men are very strong with Colgrove having the length advantage for sure. Colgrove was able to land crisp punches taking the fight to the ground and getting full mount quickly.  Colgrove was dropping head to gut combos ending this fight in the first round via TKO. Total domination by Colgrove! 

RESULT – Zack Cogrove wins TKO in the 1st round

James Huber VS Brandon Hacker – 185lbs

RESULT – Brandon Hacker wins via 1st round KO

Ernest Chudej VS Kyle Firestone – 145lbs

RESULT – Kyle Firestone wins via Triangle Choke in the 1st round

Kenny Madruga VS Eito Wells – 155lbs

RESULT – Kenny Madruga wins via TKO in the 1st round

Matt Main VS Michael Cyr – Combat Jiu Jitsu

RESULT – Michael Cyr wins via Guillotine Choke

Lyrik Kamu VS Simon Butterfield – 185lbs

RESULT – Lyrik Kamu wins via Guillotine Choke in the 1st round

Breyden Wyett VS Bryce Melaas – 170lbs

RESULT – Breyden Wyett wins via TKO in the 1st round

Josh Esquejo VS Jr Cabaluna – 145lbs

RESULT – Jr Cabaluna wins via TKO in the 2nd round

Jean-Luc Kiser VS David Barragan – 170lbs

RESULT – David Barragan wins via TKO in the 2nd round

Top Rated MMA Sponsor Jaymes Hyder VS Bart Cudmore – 145lbs

RESULT – Jaymes Hyder wins via Unanimous Decision.  

Proving Grounds Amateur Cage Fighting presented by Warrior Camp Gym and Warrior Camp CDA ALWAYS puts on very professional events with well thought out fight match-ups.  If you are looking for some high caliber fights, look no further than Proving Grounds Amateur Cage Fighting!  

Proving Grounds Amateur Cage Fighting next event was scheduled for 4/3, but obviously with this Coronavirus, it has been postponed.  Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for an update for their next event!  

If there is any misspellings or if I have a result wrong, please let me know and I will fix it right away.  Thank you.


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