Dominate Fighting Championship 2 took place at the Tacoma Dome on September 15th in front of a PACKED HOUSE!  I got there early to check out the cage and see the fighters warming up and visualizing in the cage.  Frank and Haley Wellman pulled out all of the stops with this event, from the sponsor booths, to Miesha Tate and Mike Chiesa signing autographs and taking photos, to the awesome music (including “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” by the Culture Club), to the great announcer Garett Fertig, and great pictures by Matt Burns and team.


The first fight of the night was Andrew Perri V.S. Joseph Brooks in a 155lb Amateur Bout.  Round 1 was all ground with Perri surviving multiple arm bar attempts.  Round 2 and 3 had Perri and Brooks each getting big slams but the majority of this fight was fought on the ground.  One thing I noticed and have never seen before in all of the MMA fights I have been to.  Between rounds Perri’s cornermen combed Perri’s hair.  Maybe a tactic or a good luck thing for Perri, but either way it worked.

RESULT = Andrew Perri defeats Joseph Brooks via Decision


2nd fight of the night was for the Dominate Fighting Championship Amateur 185lb title and featured Mike Holt V.S. Tyler Ross. In Round 1 Mike Holt came out landing very crisp shots.  After an accidental low blow by Holt, Ross came back landing lots of clean shots.  Round 2 had Mike Holt landing jabs almost at will, but Ross landed a HUGE shot that rocked Holt and was able to finish him to earn the Dominate Fighting Championship Amateur 185lb title! Great war!

RESULT = Tyler Ross wins via KO in the 2nd round



The first Pro fight of the night featured Seven Linford V.S. Steven Pedersen (Pro Debut) in a 135lb bout.  The first couple of minutes was exchanging kicks and feeling it out. Pedersen got a take down midway through the 1st round followed up with some serious bombs. Round 1 ends with Pedersen on top.  Round 2 had Pedersen on top landing body shots and then sinking in a rear naked choke putting Linford to sleep!

RESULT = Pedersen wins via Rear Naked Choke in the 2nd round


Next fight on the night was Byron Fernandus Jr who was making his Pro Debut V.S. Jake Sebastian.  Great action to start the fight, Fernandus Jr. took the fight to the ground to start but Sebastian was slick in working subs from the bottom but nothing was locking up.  Fernandus Jr. looked like he was in some serious trouble though he was able to escape.  Round 2 started with Fernandus Jr. landing a shot straight up the middle followed up with a take down.  Again Sebastian working the submissions from the bottom.  After some back and forth action and lots more submission attempts by Sebastian, he was able to lock in a Triangle Choke in Round 2.

RESULT = Jake Sebastian wins via Triangle Choke in Round 2


Up next was Tyone Henderson V.S. Emmanuel Carter in a 155lb bout.  This fight had nice action from the beginning Carter landed a big slam in the first round but fell into a headlock.  After breaking out, the fighters traded top position and submission attempts.  Round 1 ends with Carter on top.  Both fighters were all smiles heading into Round 2, well except for the accidently low blow to Carter.  Short pause and the fighters have some great exchanges.  Carter did a great job working levels, then Henderson lands a shot that rocked Carter and sent him to the mat right in front of me.  Though he was rocked, he was not knocked out from my view.  The ref stopped this fight and received lots of “BOOs” from the crowd.

RESULT = Tyrone Henderson wins via TKO in Round 2


In the #1 Contender spot, it was Drew Brokenshire V.S Charon Spain in a 145lb bout.  Heavy shots from both fighters to start round 1.  Brokenshire got the take down fairly early and took the back of Spain.  After exchanging top position Brokenshire was able to sink in the triangle choke in Round 1!

RESULT = Drew Brorkenshire wins via Triangle Choke in Round 1


The next fight was the 1st of THREE, let me repeat that THREE Championship fights!  This one featured Brandon Monteith V.S. Joey Elzea.  This fight started pretty slow for me, lots of feeling out before going to the ground with Monteith on top.  Both fighters trying to gain the better position.  Elzea attempting submissions throughout the ground war.  Fight went to the feet for the last 30 seconds of the fight.  Round 2 started with Elzea attempting a takedown but ended up on his back with Monteith on top.  Elzea attempting ankle locks, but BM is able to get out and rain down some elbows.  Round 3 was similar to the previous 2, more time on the ground with Monteith on top.  Fantastic chess match going on.  Round 4 was much of the same, Monteith had Elzea’s back who looked to be in trouble but was landing elbows from the bottom.  Round 5 started with Monteith getting another takedown and Elzea landing more elbows from the bottom.  Great fight here! This fight went to the decision and I am not sure which fight the judges were watching, but it definitely wasn’t this one.  They gave this one to Joey Elzea which drew LOTS of boos and a very pissed (and understandably so) corner for Monteith.  First time I have ever seen this, but Elzea actually said in his post fight interview that he lost the fight and gave his belt to Monteith.  Strange ending to an awesome war!

RESULT = Joey Elzea defeats Brandon Monteith via Unanimous Decision to win the Dominate Fighting Championship Bantamweight Title


In the Co-Main Event we saw UFC Veteran Anthony Hamilton take on Dylan Potter for the Dominate Fighting Championship Heavyweight Title.  I thought for sure that one of these guys would get KOd, but instead they went to war!  Hamilton spent most of the fight getting the take down and doing some good ole Ground n Pound.  First round brought the crowd cheering “Dylan! Dylan!” but Hamilton finished the round on top while a little blood could be seen under the eye of Potter.  Round 2 started with a big slam by Hamilton followed by more ground action.  Hamilton spending most of the round in top position though Potter was able to make his way back to the feet as more “Dylan! Dylan!” chants come from the crowd.  Potter thew a spinning backfist but Hamilton was able to see it and take Potter back to the ground.  Submission attempts by Hamilton, but Potter able to get out of it.  Slow action to end Round 2 so the crowd continues their chant, but it has changed to “BOO”! Round 3 starts slow but Dylan Potter is all smiles coming out.  He has definitely taken more damage than Hamilton thus far.  Hamilton gets the leg sweep to take the fight down again. *sidenote – this take down was right in front of me and for the first time in the years I have been doing cageside results, I got splatted with a blood sweat mix!*  Round 4 brought big shots from Hamilton and great escapes by Potter but still taking big shots but throwing elbows from the bottom.  Round brought yet another yet let sweep by Hamilton but he is also very cautious this round and doesn’t want to get caught by a very game Dylan Potter in the final round.

RESULT = Anthony Hamilton wins via Unanimous Decision to win the Dominate Fighting Championship Heavyweight Title


The Main Event of the evening featured Miranda Granger V.S. Invicta FC vet Amy Montenegro for the Dominate Fighting Championship 115lb Title.  Both fighters looked focused stepping into the cage.  Granger’s reach was working with punches early on.  Montenegro pushed Granger to the cage where there was a little struggle, but not for long.  Granger sinks in the choke!

RESULT = Miranda Granger wins the Dominate Fighting Championship 115lb title via 1st round choke

*Sidenote – Miranda had a dream of how this fight would go and it ended EXACTLY like it was in her dream! Congratulations

Overall this event was AMAZING!  Dominate Fighting Championship #3 happens January 5th and already has a stacked card that features Austin Vanderford V.S. Joey Pierotti / Clint Czeczok V.S. James Tyson / and Patrick Benson V.S. Justin “Ruckus” Harrington

Thank you to Frank and Haley Wellman for allowing me to be part of such a special event and to Matt Burn and his team for the awesome photos!


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All the fighters from the night are warriors!  99% of people would not do what you do.  Win or Lose on the night, you fighters are warriors and you should be proud of yourselves and what you have accomplished so far.


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