I had the opportunity of being a guest on the God Centered Men’s Recovery podcast recently.  Extremely honored to be on there to share my story.  Please make sure you give the show a listen and subscribe! 

This week’s episode features Erik Allen, Owner of Top Rated MMA, and Bearded Biz. We talk about domestic violence, addiction, and him giving his life to Christ.


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“This show is brought to you by Narrow Gate Ministries. We will drop an episode every week, giving you a God-centered approach to recovery and to life. This podcast is the place for Christian men in recovery who want to live an abundant life. You can be addicted to porn hub or kinky love, cheap thrills or a bottle of pills. Maybe it’s weed or smoking speed, or you’re just caught up in greed. We don’t care if you been to hell, we have all been there so you’re welcome here.”

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