I had the honor of being a guest on Anna’s Intuitive – A Podcast on Spirituality and Healing.  I love what Anna is doing with her show!  Please make sure you give her a LIKE / FOLLOW and give her show a subscribe!  Here is what she said:

“I got the chance to talk with Erik Allen – the host of Top Rated MMA and Founder of Beardedbiz.com and speaker – all about being an overcomer, resiliency and how finding your faith can quite literally save your life. ⁣

After growing up in a complicated childhood and broken home, Erik found himself raising himself at the age of 14, angry, and coping with alcohol to try to fill voids in his life. Erik talks all about his journey in his lowest of times – which ultimately lead him to surrendering, meeting his wife, to now having two kids & two businesses and speaking about his story and finding the strength to overcome the battles that we may come across in our journeys. Erik uses his businesses to give back to veterans through organizations like Hire Heroes USA. In his words, he might have been dealt a rough hand, but with the help of his Heavenly Father and a humble heart, Erik is taking each day as it comes and making it count! ⁣⁣

This story was humbling & heart warming to me – I hope you take the time to listen, follow, and forward to someone who might need a little inspiration this holiday season. ⁣

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